Welcome to Buckingham's Restaurant in Nixa!

By yourself or bring a crew, it's Barbecue!

I want to invite you to stop by our restaurant and enjoy some of the finest barbecue you have ever tasted. Stop by for lunch or dinner!

We're a place where you can eat with your elbows on the table. Children (and adults too - just make sure no one's looking) should be encouraged to gnaw on bones, mop up juices, lick their fingers.

Bring your family, bring your friends. We're cooking food worth sitting down for.

Cameron Roy - Owner

Having a party? It doesn't matter if you say BBQ, barbeque or barbecue it's all smoking hot and tasty.

Dine in - Carry out


(417) 724-2344

N Glenstone

(417) 831-7427

E Sunshine

(417) 887-4227

S Campbell

(417) 886-9979


(417) 485-8000

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